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Affiliate Marketing Services

Helping your new business grow, working from the comfort of your home.

Hi, my name is Gill Dodier and I want to help you

start your own business working at home with your computer. I am 69 years old living in Ontario, Canada.

At my age there are no reason for me to lie to you, I have four businesses including Wealthy Affiliate Marketing with offices located in my Dollar Store at 56 Ontario Road, Mitchell, Ontario, Canada

I enjoy helping people specially when they are making money with their own business. I want to talk to you about Affiliate Marketing, an easy business you can operate from your home. It is simple:

Choose an interest   -   Build a Website

Attract Visitors   -   Earn Revenue

Choose an Interest

What are you most interested  in ?    What makes you Tic ?

What are you passionate about ? something that you love to do,

it could be a hobby, some new work you always wanted to do, a dream, a passion, dream big and go for the top of whatever you want to do, you could sell a product online, you could write a book and within the Wealthy Affiliate we can help you get your dreams into reality, Get started now for FREE !

Build a Website

Building a website within Wealthy Affiliate is simple and can take less than 30 seconds and it's Free. You will learn the easy way of doing things. Your website will be live on the web and ready to make money. Your website is going to be the foundation of your business, think of it as your storefront

for your business. At Wealthy Affiliate you will have access to the best website building in the world and you can start for  Free 


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Attract Visitors

Your goal here is to attract visitors to your website, the only way you can sell your niche or passion. It is easy since there are about 3.75 billion people on the web every day, they are looking for information, looking for help, and you will be there helping them out, this is what they want and you will earn revenue for helping them out, in the first lessons, you will learn how to get visitors to your website with the help of Google, Bing and Yahoo, it is fun and you are going to love it.

Earn  Revenue

Once you have traffic going to your website, you will earn revenue, in other words you will make money, there are thousands of products out there for you to sell + many affiliates opportunities you can join for FREE !

As an affiliate you can promote tons of product and not own any of them, no inventory, no shipping and you can operate your business from anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer. 

At Wealthy Affiliate we will help you with all of that, and you can join for FREE !

Take a hold of your life, think big, think positive, Click here Now !   !

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